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Use Cases

The Stock Master

The Stock Master is a Google Sheet made to automatically track the Top 10 Fastest Moving Stocks throughout the trading day. The entire Dashboard is completely dynamic - automatically updating without any human intervention. 

Todays Top Movers.PNG


This upper section of the spreadsheet is the Dashboard displaying the 10 Fastest Moving Stocks of the day. This section is entirely Formula based - even dynamically pulling the images of the logos for the Companies currently on the Dashboard for more aesthetic appeal. 

Pie Chart

This Pie Chart compares these same Top 10 Moving Stocks by Market Capitalization (total worth of the company's stock). The data for the chart is also dynamic, updating any time that there are changes to the Top 10 Stocks.

Compare By Market Cap.PNG
52 Week Performance.PNG

Line Charts

This section of the chart gives the user a much better long term perspective on each of the top 3 moving stocks for that particular day. Naturally, this section is entirely dynamic as well, and when a different set of Stocks are considered the Top Moving Stocks - it automatically generates the line graphs for them as well. 

Use Cases

Solving Everyday Problems

High-quality and reliable automation for busy professionals to focus on what matters most.

Clock Me In

A Sample Solution For Tracking The Time Worked By Your Employees

Mission Control Dashboard

A Sample Dashboard Allowing You To See The Quality Of Design We Can Deliver

Lead Hustlers

A Project Built To Help Sales Staff Track Their Leads & Make More Sales

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