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Use Cases

Lead Hustlers

Any self-respecting Sales Team needs a simple and clean way to track their follow up with leads. This Lead Hustlers Google Sheet is just one uncomplicated way to do so.  


Data Entry

The Table below allows the user to keep close track of each of their leads - such as where the leads came from, the current status of each lead, and how many times (if at all) the sales staff has followed up with each lead. 

Status Summary

The table section at the top allows the user to see a quick summary as to how their sales efforts are going. Using very basic formulas it finds the count of how many leads fall in each of the categories from the sending of the proposal to the winning of the job. 

Use Cases

Solving Everyday Problems

High-quality and reliable automation for busy professionals to focus on what matters most.

Clock Me In

A Sample Solution For Tracking The Time Worked By Your Employees

The Stock Master

A Project Built To Harness The Power Of Google Sheets In Tracking Stock Trades

Mission Control Dashboard

A Sample Dashboard Allowing You To See The Quality Of Design We Can Deliver

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