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Use Cases

Mission Control Dashboard

The Mission Control Dashboard is an easy-to-use Dashboard built entirely in Google Sheets.

The Dashboard includes a slew of different types of charts that are available in Google

Sheets, as well as some Dropdown menus allowing the user to view

more detailed data. 


Dropdown Menus

The Dropdown Menus allow the user to select a different Region or a Particular item, which then automatically updates all of the charts using formulas. Dropdown Menus can also be set up to dynamically show different options depending on the regions/products present in the Data. So, if 2 new regions were added to the Dataset, the options in the Dropdown menu could automatically update allowing their selection. 

Dark Theme

This Tab of the Google sheet just shows a completely different look to the same Dashboard - showing you the quality of design that we bring to the table. 



Although spreadsheets are commonly viewed as an ugly necessity in our data driven world - there is absolutely no reason you should be forced to deal with an ugly dataset. From simple themes to more complex Conditional Formatting, Google Sheets can really bring your data to life - providing you with all of the most important information so you can always make the correct decisions in the running of your business. 

Use Cases

Solving Everyday Problems

High-quality and reliable automation for busy professionals to focus on what matters most.

Clock Me In

A Sample Solution For Tracking The Time Worked By Your Employees

The Stock Master

A Project Built To Harness The Power Of Google Sheets In Tracking Stock Trades

Lead Hustlers

A Project Built To Help Sales Staff Track Their Leads & Make More Sales

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