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Vivid Vision 2024

​In anticipation of our future growth plans, our company created a Vivid Vision. This page lays out what our company will ideally look like by 2024.


Vivid Vision 2027

​In anticipation of our future growth plans, our company created a Vivid Vision. This page lays out what our company will look like by 2027.



It’s December 31st, 2027, and the automations that Apps Script Automation created are saving 50,000 hours every single month for our clients. We create automated solutions for Google Workspace that allow users to get the most out of their experience, saving massive amounts of hours, headaches, and dollars in the process. Apps Script Automation frees end-users to focus on the things that actually bring them revenue.

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Core Values

Speed with Purpose

We operate with a sense of urgency, streamlining processes and making informed decisions rapidly.

Reputation > Profits

We build trust and treat clients like people, not just a number on a spreadsheet.


We find a way to build the vision our clients imagine and allow them to keep dreaming.

  • Build Custom Automated Google Sheets Dashboards
    We turn your Google Sheets into beautiful, easy-to-understand dashboards that give you immediate insights you need to make data-driven decisions.
  • Automate data collection for reporting
    We can connect any third-party application with an active API (Quickbooks, DocuSign, RSS feeds and more) so you can have all the data in one place. No more copying and pasting data from website forms or accounting software!
  • Produce custom Google Sheets reports with a click of a button
    What if you could automate your entire reporting system, and all you have to do is click one button? We’re here to make this a reality for you! Whether your reporting process is complex or you want to streamline it, we’ll help you make your reporting quicker, easier and more accurate than ever before.
  • Create, manage and publish your own website from a spreadsheet
    Now you can have a professional-looking site without leaving Google Sheets. Any changes you make to the spreadsheet are instantly reflected on the website. And the best part? No coding or design skills required. - And much more.


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Dennis Krinitsyn, Founder, oversees the business to ensure continued high quality results to clients and optimal performance of the Sales and Marketing teams. Our Operations Manager implements the vision by eliminating barriers and supporting Project Managers. The Sales and Marketing Manager brings in the work by creating sales funnels and closing new contracts. Project Managers maintain client communications by fielding questions and staying on the pulse of delivery timelines and the state of projects. Our team of Developers writes the code to our success by executing projects and delivering excellence.


Core Business Activities

Apps Script Automation is a creative agency that automates and integrates Google Workspace products to create a uniquely tailored experience. 

We make clients’ lives easier by automating their reporting, translating rows of data into beautiful dashboards, and eliminating manual data entry and human error.

Google products are integrated with custom workflows that can achieve just about anything.

Need to send individualized DocuSign templates to multiple recipients from a Google Sheet? We can code that. Want to send automated text messages using Twilio each time a Google Form is submitted? No problem.

There are a lot of pretenders that make big promises in this industry. Anyone can be a yes man until it comes down to the work. We deliver. We stand behind our work and know what we’re doing. It’s not a question of “Is it possible?” but a question of “How soon do you want it?

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Our solutions are thoroughly tested and vetted through a stringent quality assurance process, so our lofty promises never fall short. That’s how we have a 5.0 service rating and a 100% success history.

Our library of pre-built templates is available for users seeking more general solutions. We’ve also expanded into SaaS products, utilizing our unique knowledge and experience to solve some of the most common problems our clients face.

We elevate the process and exceed expectations, so customers are always happy to re-engage for future projects and quick to refer us to friends and colleagues.

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Remote work is our reality and we find that flexibility quite liberating. We have the freedom to work wherever and whenever we want. Each team member knows how and when they work best. 

We won’t tell them how to do that. There are no rigid schedules or 8 AM meetings. As long as everyone is clear on project deadlines, that’s all that matters. We work around your schedule.


Sales & Marketing

Our ideal clients are small to medium-sized businesses and their employees. They are free from budgetary constraints, allowing us to devote the necessary time to create their vision. We aren’t purely an Upwork agency. We bring in clients from a host of different freelance platforms, and our website provides enough sales material and SEO content to bring in 50% of our revenue on its own. 

But satisfied clients and word-of-mouth referrals are our biggest magnets. They can’t believe the amount of individual care we provide and are blown away by the speed at which we complete projects. We exemplify true excellence and competence, and they can’t wait to recommend us to their network.

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This year we’ve closed in on $5M in revenue with a 30% profit margin. From bringing in $500K in 2024 to $2M the year after, our rapid growth is tempered with sustainable management practices. Each Project Manager is able to preside over $150K-$200K in revenue, and we’ll continue to expand the team to accommodate our increasing potential.


Giving Forward

We look for initiatives that speak to all of us as a community, not just one side of the world. Our freelancers are spread out across the globe, so it’s important that we support charities that have a global impact. As a team, we openly discuss causes that are prevalent in our local communities and find creative ways to collectively lend a hand.

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Krinitsyn Family


Founder Feeling

Seeing this vision come to life is as amazing as it is overwhelming. I’ve been working on this for so long, motivated by the pursuit of true freedom to do what I want, where I want, without feeling tied down. That’s exactly what I created and in doing so, I provided the same opportunity for my entire team. Now I have the confidence that comes from successfully growing a business. 

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly barraged with interesting business ideas, but you have to shut most of those down to focus on the one with the best chance of success. I’ve reached the point where I did succeed, so now I can explore all the other ideas and allow them to make me grow in a completely different way. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

People hire people; they don't hire businesses. We care more about having a relationship than chasing money. That’s what gives our team a sense of pride: being part of an organization that puts people first, both clients and employees. This isn’t a stuffy corporate culture. We understand that life happens, and we have each other’s backs when it does. Wherever this journey takes us, we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this amazing place that provides so much value.

Is this something that you want to help build? 

Tell us how you can see yourself as part of this vision and how you can make it into a reality.

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